Friday, June 17, 2011

Under the Tuscan Stars....

Diana's August bunco found us in the yard enjoying a warm August night, lots of food and wonderful company. 
This is the 3rd year we have had bunco
Under the Tuscan Sky...
the California Tuscan Sky that is.

As always it started with the gifts....we had a bit of trouble fitting them into the car.
But we loved them so much
it was worth the sacrifice.

The theme colors were green and purple....kind
of a wine theme.
With the table
set up in the Gazebo we were
delighted when we discovered we were able
to take the flowers from the garden.

and use some of the gifts as lanterns on the table.

As always...Diana's Tuscan style yellow dishes came
out for the party.
(they love a party too)


Pine nut and basil Pasta
Eggplant Parmesan
Italian sausage Pizza
Chopped Salad

Each box contained a petite four

Cocktails by the pool

Petite fours courtesy of Your Sugar Rush
in keeping with the theme

Lots of food and wine

Oh, I guess I didn't mention Cynthia's garlic bread on the menu.
That is the best garlic bread.

Happy Guests...

and happy cleaning helpers...

Tired puppies

and maybe a little bunco

but definitely prizes.

The winner of the
Bachelorette contest was Diana.
So Peggy had a rose ceremony

always a fun time

with good friends.

Until next year...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Almost a Year!!!!

 Almost a year of bunco fun has expired
and I haven't documented a single minute
(not that anyone reads this)   

I do love you look back on our buncos though and see what
wonderful hostesses we have in our group. 
I am going to attempt a recreation....
I think I took pictures at everyone's bunco...
so here goes.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And the Winner Is ...........

Does anyone watch "The Bachelorette?"

Well we Bunco girls know
who follows this show.  At a recent bunco
(Vivian's to be exact) we started
 a bit of a lottery.  With a $5.00 buy in
you could have a piece of a bachelor

We threw all of the bachelors in a hat and randomly
selected two each.  Here is a list of the original

As you can see, last night it came down to:
Peggy with Chis L 
Diana with Roberto.
(Tammie you stayed in there
with Frank for a while)

And the winner is Diana with Roberto

Stay tuned for "our bunco" rose ceremony to present
Diana with her prize

Now I am ready for the next

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Diana's Bunco

Under the Tuscan Moon....Part III

Diana's Bunco will be coming up in August, and
we will be having our 3rd annual Italian Feast under
the Stars in the Kelley backyard.  Dinner
will be served at 6:30 so come, enjoy cocktails, dinner
and Bunco on

Thursday August 19th

See you there.  Let me know if this date works for you.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Patty's July Beach Bunco

Patty's Excellent Beach Adventure

We ladies are certainly lucky experiencing 
our "beach themed" summer. 
After enjoying Cynthia's cool June bunco,
we had Patty and her gorgeous beach house
welcoming us to her wonderful July bunco.

Heading down to the beach on Thursday,
I felt the excitement of my mini vacation.
Patty, as she always does, invited us to spend the night and
enjoy a day on Balboa Island the following day. 
I know some of us couldn't stay over,
but we enjoyed a lot of
good laughs, good food, good beverages and good friends
on Thursday night.

Welcome to the beach ....

We began our evening sipping beverages on the patio....
sangria or margaritas anyone?

Looks like Sangria for Peggy and

Margarita for Cynthia.

Maybe a little of both for Lisa

Shelley and Diana enjoying the evening

and Patty the hostess with the mostess working hard
in the kitchen.

The food, what a spread ...
We had roasted chicken
scalloped potatoes
cucumber salad, slaw salad and
Of course this was after our delicious

The appetizers were so yummy...these recipes
we "need" from Patty.  Patty and Katina if you read this
I am waiting for you to email these recipes

Here's our lovely bartender....Julia and our hostess Patty
having a moment

The eating part was serious business, just ask Lisa

Even Katina...our late into the act.
Katina enjoying her beverage

The silverware was darlingly displayed with seashell accents.
Patty you do have the touch.

This is a must picture.  This orchid has bloomed 3 times.  Not
only is Patty a fantastic hostess, but she has a green
thumb as well.  So Pretty!!!

Oops.... Is this Tanya and Julia making some magic concoction?

and then there was dessert....Brownie pops (courtesy of Your Sugar Rush)

and Patty's infamous Peach Kuchen
(OMG! To Die For)

and believe it or not but we did play some bunco....

At our age swimming is dangerous...
the lifeguards don't try as hard.


Charissa had a busy evening...between spying on men across the street
and doing a dramatic reading concerning ....
I don't recall what it was about.
(maybe vegetables???)

Never a dull moment
This is the infamous bunco pose...but
notice her lovely necklace.

and then after a whopping 12 games...we had some winners.

Diana was the most bunco winner, and
won the most gorgeous pitcher.

Patty is a "good shoppa"

Julia was a winner too....but I am not sure I remember
this story she is telling.
Did it have something to do with
Charissa's dramatic reading?

Here is her prize

and our Vivian, who hasn't been
feeling well.  We were so happy she
was able to join us.  We hope you
feel better soon Vivian!!!!

Looks like Katina was a winner too.  Where am I? 
I was a winner too.


This was the backside of Charissa's man...remember ladies?

All in all it was a most excellent adventure, and
we thank Patty so much for having us.

Thank you Patty, I think you
may have outdone yourself AGAIN!!!!